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Geotechnical Services

International Engineering consultancy Surveys providing vast range of services in Field investigations which includes hydrographic survey, marine geophysical surveys, met ocean measurements and data collection services. We are proficient service provider with our highly experienced personnel, latest instruments and advanced technology.

Site Investigation & Planning

Site investigation to plan, design and manage a wide range of ground investigation, structural design & Site Investigation and Planning, Geotechnical Services, Structural Consultancy Services, Construction Services as per Vasthu construction services which are fully scalable for any size development project. Detailed site plan to satisfy client's requirement ranging from residential building to large scale commercial and industrial buildings.

Subsurface Investigation & Soil Testing

Subsurface investigation is carried out at the site by conducting Standard Penetration Test (SPT), soil sampling, borings, test pits etc., Soil samples collected from sub surface investigation are tested in our geotechnical laboratory as per Indian Standard testing procedure (SP36 Part I & Part II). Physical Properties – Visual classification, Water content, Atterberg’s limits, Grain size distribution and Specific gravity. Compaction Characteristics – Maximum dry density and corresponding OMC, Field density. Strength Properties – Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCC), California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Direct Shear.
Geotechnical Soil Report Through appropriate and well planned ground investigation, sampling and analysis technique, geotechnical soil report is provided which includes, geological soil profile of the site.

Scope of the Project

Design parameters for ensuring stability of the proposed structure (Bearing capacity, Settlement criteria). Recommendation of Ground improvement for poor soil (Expansive clay, Soft clay, Very Loose Sand etc..,).

Design of Foundation System

Using design parameters ('N' Values, ‘c’ and ‘f’ etc.,) from the soil report, suitable foundation system either shallow or deep foundation is designed for the proposed structure.

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