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Infrastructure & Civil Work

The geographical diversity, project complexity, and public nature of civil work results in an exceptionally challenging industry that demands a high level of technical construction expertise. Whether building on land or over water, in busy cities or in remote areas, ICIE's civil construction division possess the ingenuity and experi-ence required to undertake any civil structure imaginable.

ICIE provides civil construction services for complex commercial, industrial and residential project no matter whatever the job is big or small we can cater of such a project. Full scope of work we can deliver the project as main contractor.

Water Infrastructure

ICIE can and capable to constructing water and wastewater treatment plant facilities, pipelines, and other water infrastructure projects. ICIE has the ex-pertise to work as a member of your project team to develop unique solutions to your community's water challenges. Whether you are a first-time or repeat client, ICIE has the experience needed to successfully engage diverse stakeholder groups on complex public works projects to deliver your vision on time and on budget.

Benefits To You

The right civil construction contractor offers extensive experience, competitive pricing, financial strength, integrity, and a commitment to your project supported by a foundation of quality and workplace safety. You can trust ICIE to be that contractor.

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