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Topographic Survey

International Engineering consultancy Surveys is fully equipped with the latest in survey grade Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The Global Positioning System is a satellite based system established and maintained by the Department of Defense. Civilian usage of the system varies from navigation to mapping to highly accurate.

Roadway or transportation facility projects often stretch for miles. It is important to fix or relaxes the location and geometry of the roadway alignments and ROW to an actual place on the surface of the earth. Computing and generating coordinates and relationships for these features and positions is the result of control surveys.

Using precision global positioning systems (GPS) and classical geodetic methods, our transportation surveyors provide the “framework” used to control the horizontal and vertical aspects of all stages of transportation projects. Using global positioning systems (GPS), digital levels, improving aerial imaging and traditional survey methods, our survey and mapping group provides accurate and precise mapping services that can show our clients existing conditions prior to a project.

Combining time honored methods and new cutting edge technologies, our surveyors have been an integral part of measuring and defining the lands. Boundary surveys are one of our elite services provided to our clients. Our extensive library of land records, early plats, survey drawings and skilled history in the area has helped us to be a leading consultant of choice.

Our construction layout specialists know the importance of translating the elements and features shown on engineering drawings or construction plans to actual locations on the ground. Construction layout is an essential service provided to land developers, general contractors, and civil engineers helping to bring the designer’s vision to reality. Sound practices, technology advancements and motivated professionals have culminated to produce well known, successful ventures and developments in the area that have resulted in increased commerce, value and convenience to our local communities.

Laser scanning technology is one of the latest techniques that have improved three-dimensional surveying. The major advantage of this surveying technique is that it facilitates complete and detailed 3 dimensional (3D) data acquisition of objects rapidly and at minimum cost for use in many applications. Using the point cloud system Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLSs) process of 3D point data to produce 3D models.

These models make it possible to access much of geometric and visual data. Identify the accuracy range of all surveying systems including TLS in order to ensure that the survey returns the best quality data.

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